Marc Ooms

Born in the import business


Marc Ooms is a member of the Board of major international companies Greenyard and the Fruit Farm Group.

After MarcOoms_photohigh school, he went to Vlekho (Brussels University) to study business administration. After his masters degree, the Catholic University of Louvain reached out to him and offered him to become a research assistant in the department of Applied Economics, a position he accepted. This is how Marc Ooms joined what was the first applied mathematics research on the efficiency of capital markets in Belgium. He published several papers on the subject based on his analysis of the Brussels Stock Market.


Working with Hein Deprez


Quickly after university, Marc Ooms joined the private banking and independent broking business. His expertise in capital markets helped him secure a place in the GIMV, the Investment Company for Flanders. Later on, when the company started on Euronext, he became an independent member of the board until 2006.

But one the most decisive encounters in Marc Ooms’ life was probably when he started to work for the Deprez family holding company. He got to meet UNIVEG’s Chairman of the Board, Hein Deprez. In 2013, CVC decided to withdraw from UNIVEG’s majority shareholding position. Marc Ooms had a strategic role in organizing the buy-out for the benefit of Hein Deprez. He also brought in Peter Gain and Tom Borman while becoming a shareholder and board member for the Fruit Farm Group and Greenyard, both born from reorganizing the activities of UNIVEG.


Marc Ooms’ new challenge: RegimA


Life is all about encounters: this could be Marc Ooms’ motto. Soon after he started to work with Hein Deprez, he was introduced to RegimA, a beauty product popular in South Africa. Based on a natural formula, RegimA is a skin care used by doctors and specialists to treat skin after chirurgical and peeling interventions. But it is also suitable for every day skin care.

RegimA is a scar treatment based on wound-healing plants like Centella Asiatica and bulbinella frutes. It helps skin with restructuring its inner lipids and proteins, therefore ensuring an efficient barrier against free radicals responsible for ageing. Regima has proven its efficiency both as a repair and preventive treatment for any damage done to the skin.

Convinced by its many virtues, Marc Ooms has obtained the exclusive rights to market RegimA in Europe. An exciting challenge for this seasoned business man.